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Expert Design and Construction to Build Great Things

As a trusted Atherton home builder, we have been creating unique environments that our clients proudly call their homes. Our team of expert craftsmen and experienced builders bring solid artistry and skills to every project. No matter whether you are building a new home or making some additions to an existing one, your satisfaction is our top priority. Our experts understand both the practical requirements and aesthetics of the building. We have the resources and experience to tailor a custom solution for any request our client makes, no matter how big or small. Exceptional service and outcomes are what we provide.

Helping Transform Homes Across Atherton

Bayside Builders Group is recognized for high-quality workmanship, fine-tuned ability, and innovative solutions to fast-track projects. We continue to exceed the expectations of our clients through our ability to mobilize resources quickly and manage projects effectively. We understand every project is unique and so, we have seasoned experts in different approaches. Our team is committed to delivering the best quality. We stand behind our work. Our goal is to ensure your renovation or building project is completed within budget and on time to your exact specifications.

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From simple decks to world-class kitchens, we tailor everything to your budget. You deserve to look beautiful, and we can help you achieve that. We know home renovation is a transformative process. It changes the physical aspects of the space but also transforms how you feel in the space. Begin the process to feel more comfortable in your home.

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Why Choose Us for Your General Construction Project?

We are your one-stop shop for all your home renovation needs and have a great reputation in the field of renovation in Atherton.


Proven Reliability

Home renovations are complicated, and it takes years of experience to master each aspect of the job. We have years of experience in home building and renovation.


Stellar Reviews

Our reputation for clear, honest community and high-quality renovation has garnered us some stellar reviews, and our clients have told us we have done an excellent job.



We conduct business with the highest standards of fairness and honesty. So, we can be trusted with all types of home renovation projects.