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Your Go-To General Construction Company San Leandro CA

Are you seeking a reliable and efficient general contractor for the construction of your home projects in San Leandro, CA? Look no further! At Bayside Builders Group Inc, we are experts in providing a range of construction services tailored to meet your specific needs.

Our Services:

House Building and Renovation

We can build your dream house from scratch or give your old house a fresh new look! Our skilled construction crew is top-notch at their jobs.

Deck Repair

Do you have a deck that’s a bit worn out? Don’t worry! We’re super good at fixing decks and making them look new again.

Commercial Construction

If you’re a business owner in San Leandro looking for a professional company to help with construction, we’ve got you covered.

Project Management

Got a big project? We can handle it! We’ll take care of all the tiny details so you don’t have to. Our team will work with your company and all the subcontractors to make sure your project goes smoothly.

Quality Check

We make sure all the work we do is top-quality and professional. We check everything over, again and again to ensure everything is perfect. We want you to be happy with our work!

Why Choose Us For Your Deck Repair Needs?

Here’s why we are the right choice for homeowners in San Leandro, CA:

Experience in General Construction: As a general construction company San Leandro, we’ve worked on countless projects, big and small. Our extensive experience means we understand the nuances of deck construction and repair.

Qualified Professionals: Every member of our team is a skilled contractor who understands the intricacies of construction work. You can be confident that the work performed will be of the highest standard.

Local Knowledge: Being based in San Leandro, CA, we are intimately familiar with San Leandro, San Francisco, and the surrounding areas. This local knowledge helps us understand the specific construction needs of our clients.

Quality Workmanship: Quality is at the heart of our business. We pay close attention to details, ensuring that the job is completed to perfection.

Transparent Business Practices: We value integrity in our business dealings. From detailed project estimates to employing trusted general contractors, we uphold transparency at every step.


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