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Optimal Home Improvements Bringing Orinda’s Elegance

Would you want to develop auxiliary rental rooms that reflect the changing lives of Orinda’s people, renovate old kitchens, or extend outside patios? Our team of full-service home remodelers has completed several successful projects around the state, and we can turn your dreams into reality by working with you to design and build homes that combine form and function to provide you with years of comfortable, worry-free living.

Tailored Home Improvements through Design and Construction

Before beginning a collaboration with a new customer, we meet with you to acquire a feel for your specific goals, needs, and budget. With the help of our architectural staff, you can see your ideas brought to life in personalized 3D concept drawings, letting you take virtual tours without ever leaving your current home. Until we find a finished plan that fits your Orinda home’s requirements, we’ll keep adjusting our recommendations based on real-time feedback.

Our Core Construction Offerings

Following approval of the final blueprints, our skilled builders will meticulously oversee the building process, using both in-house labor and certified subcontractors for specialized jobs in accordance with code procedures. As the renovation develops, we make it easy for the homeowner to be involved in case they have any changes in preferences. The end result is a home that’s uniquely yours, one that you can update sustainably throughout the years!

Our General Construction Services

Contact Us for a Complimentary 3D Design Consultation!

The hardworking crew at Bayside Builders Group can transform preexisting homes in Orinda to suit your changing tastes, so be ready to see your dreams come true. Get in touch with us at (510) 901-9972 to schedule a free virtual design consultation. We have over many years of experience in the area and have renovated hundreds of homes around the state.

Get a free quotes

Get a free quotes

Endless Home Remodeling Possibilities
Our Orinda Services: What Makes Them Appeal?
If you are looking to transform an existing property into a cozy sanctuary that fits your family’s journey, we would be delighted to help you with all aspects of the project, from obtaining the necessary permits to making the final interior design choices. Work portfolio demonstrating our adaptable skillset is at your disposal.

Areas of expertise

We see every house as unique and worthy of individualized rejuvenation, which is why we dedicate ourselves only to home remodeling and restoration projects all year round.


Devotions to Craftsmanship

At every stage, from demolition to final cabinetry changes, our company’s founder personally checks the completed punch list to ensure world-class quality. For your utmost piece of mind, we also provide extended warranty coverage for defects!


Artistic Delicacy

In order to alleviate anxiety throughout the visioning process, our architects use state-of-the-art 3D visualization techniques such as virtual walkthroughs and rendered floor plan staging.