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Creating the Perfect Pacifica Home for Your Family by Attending to Their Every Need

In order to accommodate the evolving lifestyles of Pacifica’s people, are you planning to renovate old kitchens, construct more rental units, or install patios? When you work with our full-service home remodelers, who have finished a number of successful projects throughout the state, you can be certain that you will have a house that is both beautiful and functional, built to last for many happy, stress-free years.

Coordinating Custom Design-Build Projects in Pacifica

Before working with a new client, we meet to understand their objectives, requirements, and budget. Our architects can create unique 3D concept drawings to help you visualize your ideas and take virtual tours without leaving home. We alter proposals based on real-time input until we discover a design that meets your needs. After approval of the final plans, our professional builders will employ in-house labor and qualified subcontractors for specialized work to make code modifications while maintaining strict building control. In case preferences alter throughout the redesign, we urge active participation. Your family may enjoy the unique style of your contemporary, eco-friendly house for years to come!

Our General Construction Services

Get in Touch With Us Now to Schedule Your Free 3D Design Consultation!

Get ready to see your dreams realized with the help of our team of hardworking specialists who will renovate existing Pacifica homes in a way that caters to your changing preferences and needs. For a free, no-obligation virtual consultation, give Bayside Builders Group a call at (510) 901-9972. We have years of specific local expertise improving hundreds of homes around the state and can analyze prospective renovation scopes.

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Get a free quotes

Designing Dream Homes
What Makes Our Pacifica Services Highly Recommended by Clients?
In order to transform current homes into cozy havens that meet your family’s needs both now and in the future, we are happy to assist you with every step of the process, from obtaining the necessary permits to completing the interior design. Get in touch with our specialists or peruse our online portfolios to see examples of the high quality we’ve achieved on a variety of projects.

Sophisticated Domain

Throughout the year, we dedicate ourselves only to home remodeling and restoration projects. We believe that every Pacifica house is unique and deserves a personalized revival.

Personal Responsibility

From the initial demolition to the final installation of lighting fixtures, our company’s founder personally conducts final quality evaluations before contractors depart sites, guaranteeing excellent outcomes every step of the way!


Time to response

Open communication before starting a home renovation project keeps customers informed if unexpected construction delays influence schedules without losing budget or objectives.