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Bespoke Home Improvements Create Lovely Piedmont Homes

Considering the changing demands of your Piedmont home, have you considered updating old kitchens, adding on to entertaining patios, or constructing detached backyard suites? Our team of full-service home remodelers has completed many successful renovations around the state. Together, we bring your dreams to life, creating homes that combine form and function to provide you with years of pleasure.

Customized PA Design-Build Home Improvements

During our first meetings with each new client, we take the time to learn about their unique goals, expectations, and budget. With this information, we can then design bespoke 3D concept designs that include virtual walkthroughs of their current home, removing any room for doubt. Until we find the perfect design that suits your Piedmont home objectives, our experts will keep adjusting their suggestions depending on your choices in real-time. When all of the ideas are greenlit, our skilled developers will begin making changes and enforcing code standards with the help of external and internal specialist experts, keeping a close eye on the project at all times. We advocate for smooth collaboration in the event that any changes to preferences become necessary over the lifecycle of the improvement. You may look forward to improved living spaces that showcase your family’s unique character and are sustainable for years to come!

Our General Construction Services

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Get ready to have your long-term home dreams realized with the help of our team of dedicated local experts that can transform preexisting Piedmont homes to suit your modern tastes via painless renovation that showcases the finest craftsmanship refinement. Get in touch with Bayside Builders Group at (510) 901-9972 for free, no-obligation digital consultations that assess the possibilities for modernization. Our team has been elevating hundreds of buildings around the state for 30 years thanks to our expertise in a specific area.

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Get a free quotes

Experienced Remodelers
Why Homeowners Support Introducing Our PA Services?

In our pursuit of possibilities to serve your home improvement needs, we strive for streamlined execution from permits approvals to final inspections. Our goal is to turn existing homes into cozy havens that perfectly suit your family’s lifestyle! To start your thrilling transformation adventure right now, contact us.


Exceptional quality

To make the whole conception process seem really immersive from the start and minimize ambiguity, our architects use modern 3D representation tools like interactive walkthroughs and simulated apartment staging.

Effortless integration

Prior to contractors moving forward at any stage of the began home improvement project, honest communication keeps customers actively informed in the event that unforeseen construction delays disrupt regular schedules without endangering budget or outcome goals!


Our Works

We have been specializing in home remodeling and renovations in Piedmont for many years, and we see every house as unique, deserving of individualized restoration that takes into account the preferences of the owner via strategic reconditioning.